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These vinyl decals are the perfect decoration for the outside covers of your planners or notebooks. Their style is very minimalistic with a no-fussy font.
Or are you using inserts from Traveler`s Company and want to have a clear distinction between the inserts? These decals help to show you at one glance which notebook you are looking for.

This listing is for the word "JOURNAL".

The decals come in different width, depending on the size of your planner or notebook. The height of each decal depends on the width. The wider the decal the higher it is.
For example the decal for the size B5 is 20cm wide and 1.7cm high.

This adhesive vinyl is easily applied, you will receive an instruction with your order.
The vinyl has a glossy finish.
It has a permanent adhesive, once applied you cannot remove it without damage to the material beneath it or damage to the decal itself.

The material is thin enough to show a bit the pattern of the surface underneath. When the cover has a bit of a rough surface the vinyl decal will look a bit uneven. If you apply it on a very even surface the decal will look even as well.

When you order 3 or more decals or sticker sheets you will receive 10% off of your order amount (without shipping).

(The notebooks and pens shown in the pictures are not included in your purchase!)

You can order the following sizes:
the size of your planner or notebook determines the size of the decal

- B5 size ==> 20 cm wide (about 7.8 inches)
- A5 + Junior size ==> 18 cm wide (about 7 inches)
- B6 and B6 Japan ==> 16 cm wide (about 6.3 inches)
- A6 size ==> 13 cm wide (about 5.1 inches)
- Passport or pocket size ==> 12 cm wide (about 4.7 inches)

Here are the measurements of the above mentioned sizes:
- B5 ==> 176 x 250 mm
- A5 ==> 148 x 210 mm
- junior ==> 127 x 203 mm
- B6 ==> 125 x 176 mm
- B6 Japan ==> 128 x 182 mm
- A6 ==> 105 x 148 mm
- Pocket ==> 90 x 140 mm
- Passport ==> 90 x 124 mm

Here are some examples of notebooks and planner sizes:
- B5 slim = Nuuna large
- A5 = Hobonichi Cousin, Stalogy, Take A Note Planner
- about A5 size = Leuchtturm, Moleskine, Traveler`s Company Notebooks regular size
- B6 = Citrus Bookbindery Inserts
- B6 Japan = Franklin Planner Japan
- B6 Japan slim = Nanami Paper B6
- A6 = Hobonichi Techo, Stalogy, Take A Note Planner
- Passport = Travelers`s Company notebooks passport size

The following colors can be ordered:

basic colors:
- light blue
- blue
- green
- yellow
- red
- lavender

other colors:
- mint
- pink
- silver
- gold
- black
- white

(the colors displayed in the pictures can be different in real life, due to technical settings of your screen)


Your orders will be shipped internationally to any country. Please be informed that you will be responsible to pay any custom duty of your country, depending on the amount of your order.


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