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Muji B6 Planner - for my appointments and my tasks

in my previous post I have given you an overview of my planners and notebooks which are in use right now (as of 09Dec21).

Muji B6 weekly planner

In 2021 my set up changed a lot, mostly because I earlier on wanted to have an all-in-one set up, with everything in one cover/planner.

But, no matter what size I used, it always ended up being too bulky or too big, and in no way I was able to take it with me in my bag.

But I wanted to have a planner with me, whenever I`m away from home, small enough to put it in my handbag (a nice one from Rickshaw Bags by the way ;-) , but that one will be shown in a later post) but with space enough for my appointments, my tasks and some notes.

There is a Muji Shop near Zürich/Switzerland. I have bought a notebook in that shop before and was not very happy with the paper, too much bleeding with my fountain pen inks.

When I went there again, browsing their stationery department, I saw a certain planner for 2022, I thought, ok, nothing to lose, the planner is not that expensive, maybe my inks will work, maybe not.

So I brought home this weekly planner in B6 size

Lovely size, I`m a fan of B6, not too big, not too small but still portable.

It has a plastic cover, the planner itself can be taken out of the cover. The cover is kind of a beige color.

It has monthly overviews, weekly overviews and at the back some note pages with a 5mm grid (9 sheets).

The monthly and weekly overviews start with the first week of December and end with the last week of January 2023.