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planner covers and notebooks
for sale

I have bought a lot of planner covers over the years, I have used a few for a couple of weeks or months but then changed my mind about set up or size and went on to other forms of planning.

Therefore you get the change to buy slightly used covers for bargain prices!

Here are the rules:

- Payment only via PayPal (please allow pop-ups in your browser)

- adress of your PayPal account will be used for shipping, therefore make sure that the correct adress is stated

- I will state the state of each cover or notebook in the description of each item

- price will include world wide shipping 

- shipping will include tracking to certain countries (Europe, USA, Canada for example)

- shipment will be out of Switzerland

- this is a private sale, no warranties anymore on these covers

- no returns

Please click on the name of the company below to see all the offers.

If nothing is shown then I do not sell anything at this time.

Happy planning 😊🖋✒

planner cover companies

ring covers

William Hannah

leather disc covers

Aura Estelle

ring covers

Pas De Basques

ring covers


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