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FAQs about my stamps

any information which is missing? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me so that I can answer your questions



  • the real colors of the stamp inks will be slightly different than what you see on your computer or mobile device screen due to any settings or type of your electronic device

  • the ink for the stamps is available in the following colors:

    • yellow

    • orange

    • red

    • pink

    • magenta

    • orchid

    • lavender

    • purple

    • green

    • blue

    • teal

    • brown

    • walnut

    • light grey

    • black


contact option?

  • if you have any questions about whatever might be unclear about my stamps, or if you like to have a different size or maybe you are looking for a special icon? Please do not hesitate to contact me and I will check about your wishes.

  • I cannot always answer right away but I will try to answer on the same evening, latest on the next day. Please be aware that your and my country are maybe in different time zones



material of stamps?

  • the stamps are easy to use because they are pre-inked, so no hassle with any stamp blocks or inky finger tips

  • your stamps will be preinked with the color you have chosen at time of purchase

  • you can use the stamps about 50 times, after that the stamps need to be reinked.

  • you can use your stamps longer than these 50 times but the color will fade with each time that you use the stamp, for example the black ink will fade to grey. If the color is not saturated enough anymore please reink the stamp

  • the ink is available as a separate listing 

  • the stamps cannot be used with normal ink pads like Versa Magic pads for example, they need to be reinked with this specially for these stamps intended ink

  • when you order my stamps you will receive a sheet with the description on how to reink the stamps. It is very easily done and you can stamp again in no time. Please read this instruction carefully and if anything is unclear please contact me.


material of the ink?

  • the ink is not water proof. It will resist some drops of water but not if you submerge a piece of paper for a longer time into water

  • the ink is very fast drying and you can use colored pens with only very little smearing. Mildliners, Stabilo, Tombow brush pens, Staedtler fineliners all work well with this ink, you can write over the stamp image with barely noticable smearing, up to no smearing at all. Please let the ink dry a couple of minutes before applying any color.

  • If you like to use highlighters with these stamps please try on a separate sheet of paper if your type of highlighter is working together with these stamps, I have noticed a little bit of smearing when applied too fast (without drying time) and on certain papers. The Mildliners neon colors worked well in my tests.

  • I cannot guarantee that the ink will not smear at all after applying any colored pens, it depends very much on the paper, the drying time and the pen used.

  • when the stamps are freshly inked please use the stamp 5 or 6 times on a plain piece of paper before you use it in your planner or bullet journal. The first few times a lot of ink will be transferred and the ink could bleed through your paper. But once you are using your stamp more often bleeding will normally not happen. Please read the detailed information sheet which will be sent together with your order.

  • please store the ink bottles in a cool and dark place, always keep the lid tightly closed

  • the stamps are intended to be used on paper, they do not work on glass or plastic

  • once a stamp is inked up with a certain color you will only be able to change the color to a darker one. So for example grey to black or yellow to orange. But you cannot change the color from black to yellow, the darker color will always show through and darken the lighter color

  • this ink is only to be used for stamp, do not eat or drink this ink 


ready to use?

  • these stamps are ready to use, they are pre-inked with the color that you have chosen



size of stamps?

  • the stamps vary in size. The actual size of the stamp icon can be seen in the description of each item

  • please contact me if you like to have the stamps in a different size, let me know your whishes and I will check if I can change the size. I can adjust the size of the stamp image to the following maximum measurement:

    • stamp size 1 ==> max 15x15 mm

    • stamp size 2 ==> max 15x30 mm

    • stamp size 3 ==> max 15x60 mm

    • stamp size 4 ==> max 30x30 mm

    • stamp size 5 ==> max 30x60 mm

    • stamp size 6 ==> max 45x45 mm

    • stamp size 7 ==> max 45x90 mm

  • the sizes are stated in millimeter = mm (metric system)

  • each stamp should be used together with the corresponding stamp mount. The stamp mount can easily be removed and can be used for every stamp of the same size

  • You therefore need only one stamp mount, even if you buy more than one stamp of the same size 


terms of use?

  • the stamps bought in my online shops of StickersSwissMade on Etsy or Amazon Handmade are intended for personal use only. Do not resell the stamps or stamp mounts to any other person. You may use the stamps to create a gift. However, you may not sell the assembled version

...and what makes my stickers and stamps so special?

  • .... and what makes my stickers so special? I think it is on the one hand the size, because they are so small that you can fit them into any corner of your planner or in any box of a monthly overview. They do not cover up everything but are a compliment to any planner layout. And, on the other hand, they are made with functional icons so that they help you to plan ahead or track your chores or sport events.

  • ...and my stamps? The stamps can create wonderful layouts in your bullet journal and help you to create your daily or weekly pages in a breeze.

  • so, I`m sorry, no fancy looking cover-up-stickers or stamps with blury images ... !! Clean, small, easy-to-use functional stickers+stamps!! ENJOY!!

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