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Color doodling in a Jibun Techo

You might have seen on my social media account of Instagram and Facebook that I`m taking a break from social media. I do not post anything anymore and I just read some posts in groups where I`m a member but otherwise I`m keepng real quiet.

You might ask why? Well, social media companies with bots who decide what I shall see in my feed are not really to my liking. In addition the new GDPR law of Europe makes so many things on social media so unsecure in terms of rules of laws. Nobody knows right now for what a person can be held responsible and the problem is that you as a single person can do everything right but you are depended on the big companies and well, for sure, they are doing everything right and correct (cough, cough...)...

I will therefore now treat my blog as MY social media channel and post from now on here on my website. You will see longer posts or shorter ones and I cannot promise to do this consistently, maybe with topics that I like and find they are worth sharing with you.

(You can read about my policies in regards of the new GDPR law here on my policy page)

Starting today with a picture of some color doodling.... well, when you have ample time between games of the Soccer World Championship you start to doodle :-)

I`m using the unused weekly pages of my Jibun Techo B6 slim. This planner has the beautiful Tomoe River Paper and as always, I`m very happy how this paper is handling any pens. For these doodles I`m using the Pigma Micron Pens 05.

You can see some ghosting on the back side but absolutely no bleeding at all!

StickersSwissMade-color doodles in Jibun Techo-Jun18
color doodling in Jibun Techo

StickersSwissMade-color doodles in Jibun Techo-back side-Jun18
... and here is the backside of the left page

Stay tuned, I will let you know soon about my new planner set up which will included this beautiful planner of Jibun.

Thanks a lot for reading and (planner) peace to everybody!



P.S. and as always: I do not get paid to write about any pens or planners, I buy them on my own expenses and write about them because I like them

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