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I mostly have demonstrator fountain pens so I do not really need to have an overview about which pens are inked with which ink. I can see the ink perfectly well right away.

But still, I would like to see when I have reinked a pen and therefore have an overview how long one ink refill lasts.

Well, this is a very limited statistic overview anyway as the ink capacity of my pens vary very much but still it gives me a good overall view.

My Pilot Preras have a very small capacity while my Moonmans last forever. The TWSBIs are in the middle.

I would say that about 1ml of ink fits into the Pilot Preras, about 2ml into the TWSBIs and about 3ml into the Moonmans.

left to right: Pilot Prera, TWSBI and Moonman

Here is my overview for 2018:

ink usage in 2018, in m Nanami Paper Cafe Note B6

I have transferred the information about my currently inked pens to my overview of 2019 and this would be the starting point for 2019:

ink usage for 2019 in my Soumkine Universal Planner in A5

I have dedicated two pages in my Soumkine Universal Planner for the whole year of 2019, I guess this will be enough space. Well, depending on how many more pens will come into my life ;-)

The Soumkine planners and notebooks have very nice fountain pen friendly paper. The paper has a bit of a "tooth" and gives a bit of a feedback while writing. I do not have the feeling that I "slide" around the paper but that I "write" and have contact with the paper. It is only 70gsm paper but has only a bit of ghosting and no bleeding.

Soumkine now offers planners and notebooks in various size, like a small B6 size, A5 and B5.

I will let you know in another blog post about my set up this year with these planners.

Thanks a lot and (planner) peace to everyone!



P.S. as always, I do not get paid for any items in my posts, I have paid for everything out of my own pocket.

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