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have you ever weighed your planner?

weight of your planner

when you have read my last blog post about "planner hopping" you might have seen that I`m still searching for my planner set up.

To be honest, I`m not really near a point where I know what to use for 2023. I use one of my planners, use them for a week, then I look over to my other table where I put all the planners which I don`t use at that moment and then I see the lovely red Original Filofax or the Leuchtturm (oh, were is the nice cover which I bought for it?), and then I start using that one and a week later go back to another one.

I have now started to put a small post-it in front of each planner to write down why I stopped using it; small things actually, like the pages come out of the discs (paper too thin), or the paper is too yellow (Midori Cotton), or the snap closure gets into the way while writing (Filofax Original). Or, now with the Leuchtturm, it`s so big and heavy (about A5 size). Whereas the paper is very lovely in this Leuchtturm, and it is about the only cream colored paper which I really like.

With this post-it I can see at a glance why I changed out of this certain planner and don`t have to go through another week using it and finding it out again 😉

As all these planners should function as my EDC (= every day carry), this planner needs to go into my backback, shouldn`t be too sensitive to dents and scratches and stay closed to not bend any pages.

And, should not be too heavy!

And suddenly I had this idea about the weight ... how heavy is each planner?

Idea put to work very quickly 😊

here are my planners-in-work with their weight:

Filofax Original Personal size

Leuchtturm A5 with felt cover

Stalogy B6

William Hannah A6

B6 wire bound with Stalogy Paper

A6 wire bound with Thin Paper from Kokuyo

So, one of my crucial decision point is the weight of a planner, it shouldn`t be too heavy to easily carry it around. A Leuchtturm or the Filofax Original Personal size are nearyl half a kilo, this adds a lot of weight to any backpack.

And according to the weight, my decision should be for the A6 wire bound with Thin Paper ... but, oh, always these buts.... very small, paper too thin but oh so nice to write on!

oh well, we still have 14 days until 2023 starts... loads of time to decide on a planner for 2023 😄😋

How heavy is your planner? Was that at some point a decision point to stop using it?

Thank you to all, stay healthy and (planner) peace to everyone!

Andrea ✒🖋💖

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David Popely
David Popely

I weigh planners constantly! It's a major consideration for me in sticking with an EDC - something I'm very bad at. I've had planners weighing in between 600gm and we'll over a kilo, which is clearly ridiculous.

I'm now prioritising carry weight as a major factor in my choices. My A5 Original is currently favourite to figure centrally in 2023...


Oh yes, 1 kilo is quite heavy for a planner to be carried around 😳 500gr a fine for me, that's why I mostly use any notebooks without a cover

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