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planners and notebooks made of Tomoe River Paper

I guess when you read "planners made of Tomoe River Paper TRP", one company comes into your mind right away: Hobonichi, the Japanese planner company.

Hobonichi was the first one to use TRP in their planners and is still hugely successful.


Their planners in various sizes like A6, A5 or Weeks, available in bound books with a soft cover or with a hard cover (called HON), are sold all over the world. They are available in english or japanese and there is even a chinese version.

They sell various accessories as well, like covers or notebooks or stationery items.

For years they have used the "old" TRP in white and cream color, now that the machine which has produced this paper is not working anymore, they have switched to the "new" TRP, called Sanzen TRP. I think this year (2024) they still used the old TRP for their January start Weeks planners but for their April start Weeks planners they will use the new Sanzen TRP as well.

Here is a short information from Hobonichi about the new Sanzen paper: Hobonichi

TRP planners worldwide

I`m not quite sure what happened but it looks like this new Sanzen paper is now better available for companies outside of Japan because a lot of planners have popped up for 2024 which are now made out of TRP Sanzen.

With the following list I have tried to capture companies who make their own planners and notebooks out of TRP.

They sell them via their own web pages but I guess you can find them via a lot of resellers as well.

They offer planners in various sizes, layouts, mostly in english, Monday or Sunday start, various grid sizes, cover colors, bound books, some ring inserts, you can name it.

I have not tested all, what I have tested were planners from PaperTessDesign, Franklin Planner, Hobonichi and notebooks from GoodInkPressions, Taroko Shop, Nanami Paper.

I have added links to their websites, not all have planners listed right now because the ones for 2024 are sold out and the news one for 2025 not available yet.

But plain notebooks are normally sold throughout the year.

Some companies which are listed under "planners" sell notebooks as well.

The ones listed under "notebooks" only sell notebooks but not planners (as far as I have seen).

Planners with Tomoe River Paper








Notebooks with Tomoe River Paper







Resellers of TRP items (just to name a few all over the world)

  • Goulet Pens (USA)

  • Yoseka Stationery (USA)

  • JetPens (USA)

  • Landolt + Arbenz (Switzerland)

  • Papeterie zum Schiff (Switzerland)

  • Cult Pens (UK)

  • Bookbinders Design

  • My Indie & Co (Finland)

  • Fountainfeder (Germany)

  • Etsy

Maybe there are other companies out there which I have not found out about, please leave a comment and I can always add them to this list.

I whish you happy browsing, maybe you will find your perfect planner!

Thank you to all, stay healthy and (planner) peace to everyone!




Andrea ✒🖋💖






P.S. I have bought all my planners + notebooks myself, I paid for them, I state my own personal opinions about them. When you click a link which I have added for you to see the original planners I do not get paid for it.

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