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my newest planner - X47

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X47 planner

I bought one of those wonderful X47 planners! X47 is a company based in Germany, they have created planners without any rings, but with a spring system that allows you to add inserts. Due to this system the planners are very thin and not bulky at all.

The organizer itself is made out of leather, either with visible springs on the outside or with nonvisible springs. They come in various versions, with one or up to 4 springs, in A7, A6 or A5 sizes, in beautiful colors (red is my favorite!), with/without a zipper or with a buckle.

The inserts are made out of very smooth paper. The paper of the A5 size is slightly thicker then the paper of A6 or A7 (80gsm versus 60gsm). The 80gsm paper can be used very well together with a fountain pen. There is no bleed through but it would be good to not use any black or dark ink colors. I used red and turquoise, there is no bleed through and shadowing is about the same as in any Moleskine notebook.

For more information head over to their webpage, they are shipping internationally as well :-)

Here is my newbie:

StickersSwissMade - blogpost - my newest planner X47_2

Very soft red leather in size A5, a really beautiful red color, like Ferrari red.

This organizer can hold up to 4 inserts, I have now bought a 2016 calender (which is divided into 2 inserts) and a notebook with lines with numbered pages.

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