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bullet journal + color coding with stickers

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Bullet journal is originally an idea from Ryder Carroll ( about the usage of a notebook which in the end still allows you to find all your entries. Which is not always possible, everybody has stumbled over that problem, me as well :-) but with keeping track of your page numbers this is possible.

I have tried writing down information about my work electronically in Evernote or OneNote but for me it is much easier to just pick up any notebook and flip to any page, especially if you are on the phone, needing your computer screen to display something else and then searching for some information.

While browsing on Pinterest ---who doesn`t do it :-) --- I have found a pin about bullet journaling which started my thoughts about bullet journaling and color coding.

Thinking about this wonderful set up I came up with my own idea and, no wonder, added some stickers. Now I can mark every page with different colors which in the end match my list at the back of the book. I can now easily find the pages where I have written down things. I can add not just one sticker to a page but all the corresponding ones.

here are some of my categories, I have made this list on the last page of my Moleskine notebook. I have used my small flag stickers, stuck them on the side of the page and bent half of the sticker length to the back of the page.

here you can see that I have already used the first pages where I have added some stickers:

When I now bend the pages I can easily see on which page I have written something about f.e. conference calls, which corresponds with the red color.

As the book is used in sequence I can then flip to either the beginning or the last pages marked with a red flag, remembering that whatever I was searching for was just in the last call a few days ago or maybe a week ago. This is the famous "ah, but we were speaking about that in our last call, right?" --- but what were we speaking about exactly?

Now I have the possibility to find it very quickly.

I take this book with me to any client meeting as well, I have now all in one place and especially this Moleskine Evernote notebook lasts very long as it has a lot of pages (I just love the green elastic band :-) ).

My list on the last page of my notebook has right now 8 topics. I have therefore created stickers in 9 colors, to be on the safe side if I need to add another topic. You can find these stickers here in my online store.

I hope you will be inspired by my idea and hopefully you will now create your very own bullet journal!

Thank you very much for reading and (planner) peace to everyone!



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