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FAQs about my stickers

any information which is missing? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me so that I can answer your questions



  • the real colors of the stickers will be slightly different than what you see on your computer or mobile device screen due to any settings or type of your electronic device

  • the colors are much richer on the transparent and polyester stickers than on the paper stickers

  • stickers made in rainbow colors are available in the following colors:

    • red

    • green

    • yellow

    • purple

    • blue

    • turquoise

  • the pastel colored stickers are available in the following colors:

    • pastel green

    • pastel pink

    • pastel blue

    • pastel purple

    • pastel rose

    • pastel yellow

  • if you like to have your stickers in your special favorite color, please contact me before your order to let me know your color and I will see if I can create the stickers in this color

  • the stickers named "multicolored" are in given colors, these colors cannot be changed

  • the gold foil stickers are available in the following foil colors:

    • rosé gold​

    • silver

    • gold

    • red 

    • hot pink

    • teal

    • holographic

contact option?

  • if you have any questions about whatever might be unclear about my stickers, or if you like to have a different size or different color or maybe you are looking for a special icon? Please do not hesitate to contact me

  • I cannot always answer right away but I will try to answer on the same evening, latest on the next day. Please be aware that your and my country are maybe in different time zones



material of sticker?

  • the stickers are available in three material versions: either paper stickers with a white background, transparent stickers or polyester stickers with a white background and a silk sheen

  • the paper and transparent stickers are nonremovable, the polyester stickers can be removed again

  • the paper stickers can still be removed shortly after you have maybe placed them on the wrong spot, the paper beneath will not be damaged but the sticker itself will be destroyed. But after a while even these stickers just stick to any paper and they cannot be removed again without damage to the paper beneath or the sticker itself

  • the transparent stickers cannot be removed again. They would leave some sticky residue on the paper and the sticker itself would be destroyed

  • the polyester stickers can be removed again without residue. When you remove them carefully you can replace them but they might get creased. But after a while even these stickers just stick to any paper and they cannot be removed again without damage to the paper beneath the sticker

  • the paper stickers are made out of adhesive bright white sticker paper. They fit perfectly well into any planner which uses bright white paper, such as Erin Condren, Inkwellpress or Franklin Covey planner, they will stand out a little bit on paper of Filofax, Leuchtturm or Moleskine as these do not use bright white paper

  • The transparent stickers are a perfect fit for any planners or notebooks with cream colored paper, like Hobonichi weeks, Leuchtturm notebooks or Soumkine planners.

  • The white background of the polyester stickers is a bit off-white in color, so these polyester stickers fit perfectly well into planners or notebooks which have a slightly off-white paper like the Hobonichi Cousin or A6 Techo.

  • whatever is beneath the transparent stickers will show through

  • the polyester stickers are very thin but very tear resistant, they have a white background with a silky sheen. They are high quality stickers.

  • the paper stickers are a little bit thinner than the transparent stickers, therefore they do not add too much bulk to your planner. The polyester stickers are the thinnest ones and very tear resistant

  • you can write on all of these materials. For the paper stickers you can use a pencil or a ball pen, even a Frixion Pen works very well. But I would not recommend to remove either the pencil or the Frixion writing again, these small stickers are damaged too easily. For the transparent stickers any pen works fine which writes well on plastic. On the polyester stickers a ballpoint pen works best, other pens would spread on this material

  • the transparent stickers are much more durable than the paper stickers, especially if you use them to mark your pages in a bullet journal, but both do not like to be scratched.

  • the polyester stickers are very durable, they do not get scratched easily

  • the gold foil stickers are available in paper and polyester. Due to the nature of the foiling process a few imperfections can appear. Either some small black spots can appear or some mini small foil spots, but these only add some mini sparkle to your stickers.



ready to use?

  • these stickers are ready to use, no printing or cutting needed, just bend back the sheet and they will come off easily



size of sticker?

  • the stickers vary in size. The actual size can be seen in the description of each item

  • they are not very big, they therefore fit into every space of your planner, even into the daily boxes of your pocket sized Filofax and still leave you with enough space for any writing

  • please contact me if you like to have the stickers in a different size, let me know which stickers you are interested in and the new size and I will let you know about the resizing option

  • the sizes are stated in millimeter = mm (metric system)


terms of use?

  • the stickers bought in my online shops of StickersSwissMade (Etsy and Amazon handmade) are intended for personal use only. Do not resell the stickers (the sheet or single stickers) to any other person. You may use the stickers to create a gift. However, you may not sell the assembled version.

and what makes my stickers so special?

  • .... and what makes my stickers so special? I think it is on the one hand the size, because they are so small that you can fit them into any corner of your planner or in any box of a monthly overview. They do not cover up everything but are a compliment to any planner layout. And, on the other hand, they are made with functional icons so that they help you to plan ahead or track your chores or sport events.

  • so, I`m sorry, no fancy looking cover-up-stickers ... !! Clean, small, easy-to-use functional stickers!! ENJOY!!


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