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a new beginning - website, blog and two Etsy shops

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

blog post PlannerPrintsByAndy StickersSwissMade

It`s December 2021, around two years ago a pandemic hit this earth and we are still in the middle of it. Right now I have the feeling that it`s getting worse than it ever was.

In the beginning, when there were lockdowns in a lot of countries, people turned to online shopping, and my Etsy shop for stickers, StickersSwissMade, really worked well. Shipping from Switzerland was still ok to Europe, the orders arrived in a reasonable time. It took longer to the States but no wonder, with no airplanes flying between the continents, how should mail travel between the continents?

There were ups and downs, in the summer time of 2020 and 2021 it looked like the world returned to (nearly) normal, but still, shipping to the States took sometimes 4 or 5 weeks. Sometimes I had the feeling that envelopes were transported fairly fast over the Atlantic, but then got stuck somewhere in the postal system in the US. I have no idea why, I do not know the situation of any postal system in the States but I began to understand why people did not order anymore. Why wait for 4 weeks for a simple sheet of stickers when you can buy similar ones within your own country and receive it within days.

stickers versus printable inserts

The States were a big market for me, most of my orders from Etsy and Amazon Handmade were coming from the States. But with all of the postal delays my orders nearly went down to zero.

This made me thinking about an alternative. What would work in the planner world without sending out a physical object? Well, printable planner inserts!

PDF files which can be downloaded and printed at home, ready to use in seconds after ordering. The idea grew on me, because I myself liked to print out any inserts, using them in my discbound or ringbound planners.

A few thoughts later, my second Etsy shop was born:


A shop for printable inserts, in various sizes, in a very minimalistic style.

I want to offer "clean sheets" so that everyone can decorate it in their own style. Already premade planners with a lot of colors or patterns always made me stop using them. Because I want to bring colors into my planner through my inks and I found it better to have a simple black/white/grey layout with maybe a dash of color to bring out the best of all my colored inks.

When you go to my shop you will see that I (want to) offer various sizes, I have already created my menue with the planner sizes but I`m not fully there yet. I`m still creating inserts, and creating+listing them takes some time. But I will get there.

When you see an insert but not the size which you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact me on Etsy, I can easily resize any insert.

why 2 Etsy shops and no more Amazon Handmade or my own shop?