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set up of my 2024 planner - part 3

blog post cover 04/2023 - sidekick planner

my little side kick - William Hannah in A6

my main planner for 2024 is a Filofax Notebook in A5.

My first two print-outs are:

- future log for 2024 and 2025 - part 1

- monthly pages for 2024 - part 2

Filofax notebook with William Hannah discbound cover

In this picture another small part of my planner set up is shown: my William Hannah discbound in A6!

My main goal is to have one planner for everything, but I had to make a little compromise:

My planner mostly stays on my desk but sometimes you need some information when you are on the go. But this A5 is too big to carry with me and handling in a shop is sometimes akward.

I have therefore thought about what would I need when I`m on the go:

- shopping lists

- lists of my ideas

- a monthly overview with my appointments and work days

- blank pages to write down information while I`m on the go

And this "side-kick" as I would like to call it, has to be small enough to toss it in my small backpack and sturdy enough to not get scratched easily.

At the beginning of the year I had only my information pages in this cover and took my other planner with me to have the monthly information as well.

And then I had the idea: why not put monthly pages in this small A6 as well? Then I have these pages with me at all times and the big one can stay at home 😊

I just loved this idea and was wondering why I didn`t think about this earlier!

Yes, I now have to make double entries of my appointments, in this A6 and in my main A5 planner, but this is quickly done when I sit down in the evening to end my day with a short planner session.

this would be the set up of my WH A6:

William Hannah in A6, black pebbled textured leather with Pelikan M200 blue fountainpen
William Hannah in A6, black pebbled textured leather

William Hannah from UK has introduced a new leather in 2023: a leather with a pebbled textured surface, very lovely to touch and scratch resistant!

I have ordered mine with a black outside, black inside and constrasting stitches in blue.

This leather is a bit more floppy than their usual leather, but soo lovely to touch. And it lies absolutely flat when you open it, a bit of "must have" for me.

And I love to have a dark inside to have a good contrast to white pages.

Take a look at these lovely discbound covers on their website. Available in A5 as well 😉

the inside pages:

- dividers from William Hannah in grey

- some post-it notes at the beginning

- my monthly overviews for 2023 and now 2024

- blank pages with tabs for my categories (like shopping lists, garden work + ideas etc)

inside of William Hannah A6 discbound notebook,  in black with grey divider and blue fountain pen

inside page of William Hannah discbound in A6, with post-its

William Hannah offer paper inserts as well. They are made out of a lovely thick paper (115gsm) which is absolutely fountain pen friendly and has next to no ghosting

But I needed a bit thinner paper to be able to add more sheets into the cover. I have therefore taken apart an A6 Stalogy notebook, punched them with my Staples Arc punch and added these into the cover.

I`m able to fit the whole Stalogy book into this cover, with 365 pages (= 183 sheets).

365 pages of Stalogy paper inside a William Hannah cover in A6
365 pages of Stalogy paper

(the picture was taken with my older cover, this is a black outside and kingfisher blue on the inside, with their normal leather)

my monthly overviews

as already described in part 2 of my planner set up I do not like monthly overviews in a box style. I love to have a horizontal layout;or vertical layout, I never know how to name this perpetual style layout 🤔

But on smaller sized pages like A6 a whole month on one side results in very small lines for each day and you would need to write very small.

I have therefore created a monthly layout where the days are split on two pages.

On the left side day 1-15 and on the right side 16-28/29/30/31.

Plus there is some space with a grid layout to write down additional information.

print out in A6 size of monthly overview Oct24

My used pages look very colorful, I love to add color + color coding with either colored inks or colored pencils. Faber Castell Polychromos pencils have such lovely colors.

monthly layouts in A6, used Aug23 with color coding

monthly layouts in A6 for Sep24

For these printouts I did not use my favorite Leuchtturm paper but Midori Cotton paper instead.

I have the blank notepads in A4 of this lovely Midori Cotton paper, my runner-up to Leuchtturm paper.

Thin, but not too thin, a bit of ghosting, but no bleeding at all with any fountain pen inks, a slightly off-white color, not too creamy and not bright white.

And the A4 size gives me 4 sheets of A6 in the end so I do not waste too much of any Leuchtturm sheets where only 1 A6 would come out. Leuchtturm is a bit smaller than A5 and therefore too small for two A6 sheets.

The only thing with these notepads from Midori: they have a corner which has been cut off, they say to easily take off a sheet from the notepad, the sheets are glued on two sides. This results in a cut off corner on my printouts as well. But, well, I don`t mind at all, I have tried to print the pages so that the cut off corner is at the lower inside, it can easily be ignored.

Midori Cotton paper pad in A4 with cut off corner
Midori Cotton paper pad in A4 with cut off corner

bottom inside with cut off corner in William Hannah A6
bottom inside with cut off corner

And as before, I offer these inserts as a freebie on my website or for sale in my Etsy shop.

I often changed out my main planner to try out other sizes or books or layouts. But this litle side kick is now in use since May 2023, with the added monthly pages since Sep 23 and still running strong. It has become a good habit to have one place where I write down certain information where I know that I will always have it with me when I`m not at home. This small one goes into my backpack, as automatically as any keys or wallet would go.

I wish you a happy journey with your planner 😊

Thank you to all, stay healthy and (planner) peace to everyone!

Andrea 🖋💛💚💙

P.S. I have bought all my planners myself, I paid for them, I state my own personal opinions about them. When you click a link which I have added for you to see the items which I`m talking about I do not get paid for it.

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