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set up of my 2024 planner - part 1

blog post StickersSwissMade 02/2023

What do I use for 2024?

Today we have Nov 2nd, 2023 and slowly I`m starting to set up my planner for 2024. You might say: oh, do you really already know what to use in 2024? And right now I have to say: yes!!

This was a decision based on my planner hopping in 2023 and it slowly started to form around end of September.

In my blog post of Dec22 I have explained why I wanted to use a Leuchtturm A5 notebook with grid pages.

During this year I really fell in love with this Leuchtturm grid paper and I used it in various options.

So I went from this:

2 Leuchtturm A5 notebooks with grid layout

to this:

top: William Hannah A6 - bottom: Filofax notebook A5

but this was not an easy journey because I went through all this:

yep, quite a journey in 2023 and I will let you know in the future what I have used in 2023 and why it didn`t work.

But I have now decided and this is what I will use in 2024:

Filofax notebook cover with Leuchtturm paper

And these are my decision points:

- 100% flatability

- removable pages

- I can print my own inserts

- I can use Leuchtturm paper, either blank for my own printed inserts or grid

- hard cover

- not too thick, slim profile

- fountain pen friendly paper with only little ghosting

- light weighted

Filofax has come out with these beautiful notebooks with a hard cover a couple of years ago but these covers were coated with some plastic cover which I was not really fond of. They felt "plasticky" and often the outside edges split up and didn`t look nice anymore.

When they came out with these new ones I was quite happy. These new ones are made out of hard cardboard covers, with nice prints and colors.

And for 2024 they offer a notebook with planner pages with their 100gsm paper. This paper is very nice for fountain pens, by the way.

But the planner layout does not work for me and strangely, the planner pages were not removable, only a few note pages at the back.

This is one thing I do not understand why Filofax made these pages nonremovable. It defies the whole meaning of these notebooks: to be able to move sheets around.

But well, I have no inside knowledge why they did this, but another decision which I quite like: they have widened the spine to be able to accomodate more sheets!

blue left: slim version - rosé right: wider 2024 version
blue left: slim version - rosé right: wider 2024 version

my set up will include the following:

- future log of 2024 and 2025

- monthly pages 2024 and Jan-Mar 2025

- step tracker

- sleep tracker

- task tracker

- weekly tasks

- journal pages

I`m not sure yet if I can fit all of my journaling pages of 2024 into this cover as well, but I wouldn`t mind archiving months into one of the slimmer notebook covers. I would keep the last month and the current month in this 2024 cover and use another one as an archive. This archive folder would always stay at my desk.

My journaling pages of 2023 fit into such a slimmer cover.

With the Leuchtturm book at the beginning of the year my set up included two books:

- the planner pages, trackers and weekly task together with info pages

- and a separate one for journaling

The information pages were important to have with me while outside. Information about what to buy, or ideas about things I might buy when I see them, or ideas about planners or paper or whatever.

But the Leuchtturm book is quite thick and heavy and any bag was just getting heavier with this book inside. And handling this book while in a shop was a bit akward, too.

So I witched up my set up a bit:

- the Filofax cover with planner pages, tracker, weekly tasks and journaling

- and a separate small William Hannah A6 discbound book for all information

This allows me to have all information with me at all time, it is small, not heavy and can be easily thrown into any bag.

I have added monthly planner pages at the beginning to always have an overview of my appointments with me. Yes, I need to make double entries into my A5 and into this A6 but this is quickly done and I`m always up to date.

William Hannah A6 discbound notebook
William Hannah A6 discbound notebook

I have taken apart a Stalogy A6 notebook and punched the pages to use it in my William Hannah book. I have therefore enough spare pages with me at all times and will have an overview of several years of these information pages with me.

This set up allows me to leave the bigger A5 Filofax notebook at home and only take the small A6 William Hannah during the day with me.

my first print-out for the new year

In order to use this 2024 cover I have done the following:

- I cut little slits at the inside of each sheet and removed all pages

- and I took apart two Leuchtturm books, one with blank pages to print my own inserts and one with grid pages to be used for trackers+weekly tasks and journaling

Filofax planner inserts A5 for 2024
Filofax planner inserts A5 for 2024

Would anyone be interested in these planner pages (including stickers, pocket and ruler)? I will not use them and find it a bit of a waste to just throw them away. I would happily send them out to somebody. Please contact me here on my page and we will find a way. You can find more details about this insert on the Filofax webpage.

And this would now be my first print-out for the new year:

a future log for 2024 and 2025 with note pages at the beginning and back of each year

2024 and 2025 future log printable inserts
2024 and 2025 future log printable inserts

My insert are just plain black+white, I like to add color with my inks or with colored pencils. I use Faber Castell Polychromos pens, very nice and saturated colors, and have selected a few colors which I use throughout my planner.

Here are my 2023 future log:

2023 future log with Faber Castell Polychromos
2023 future log with Faber Castell Polychromos

If you like to use these for your own planner please head over to my "freebie-page", the A5 size is now listed.

They are available in english (monday and sunday start) and in german (monday start).

You can print out on A5, A4 or US Letter sheets.

Leuchtturm paper is a bit smaller than A5, I always print them out with 97%.

Don`t worry about any page numbers which you see in the pictures. These numbers are coming from the Leuchtturm paper, the inserts have no pagination.

more images can be see in my Etsy Shop

Are you already setting up your 2024 planner? What are you using for 2024?

I wish you a happy journey with your planner 😊

Thank you to all, stay healthy and (planner) peace to everyone!

Andrea 🖋💛💚💙

P.S. I have bought all my planners myself, I paid for them, I state my own personal opinions about them. When you click a link which I have added for you to see the items which I`m talking about I do not get paid for it.

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