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finally: my choice for 2023 - Leuchtturm A5

Can you believe it?? finally....

finally, finally, I have decided on a planner for 2023!

When you have read my previous blogpost you might know by now that I was really in a "planner-hopping-frenzy", the last 6 months I had no idea which planner or notebook to use, I was hopping back and forth between sizes and types of planners/notebooks, it was not fun anmyore.

But, the year has nearly ended, today we have Dec 28th, 2022 and I was finally forced to decide on a planner for 2023. I have appointments for January and to-dos for next week, and I need to write this down somewhere to not forget anything.

And here we are: my choice for 2023 ....

ta-da: a Leuchtturm A5 with grid layout!

and here are my final decision points:

- the size A5:

not small as A6 or B6, but much better to write something down and fit my trackers on one page, even my monthly pages fit on one page (1-31 days of each month) and I still have 5mm boxes and not tiny ones like on A6 sized paper

- the paper of Leuchtturm (=LT)

normally I don`t like cream paper, Midori for example is way to yellow for my taste, but this cream colored paper of Leuchtturm is fine for me, it is the right shade to be acceptable

The paper is very nice to write on, not too smooth like Tomoe River Paper or Midori MD paper, it has a bit of a feedback, the nib is not "sliding" around on this LT paper but can be controlled very well.

I had to sort out some inks because these were bleeding on this LT paper, but these inks kind of bleed through every paper, so I was not sad to sort them out, for example J Herbin Violette Pensee, J Herbin Bleu Myosotis, Lamy green and J Herbin Rose Cyclamen with a B nib. Rose Cyclamen is fine with an F nib but I rarely use F nibs. As an alternative Lamy Beryl is fine and with an M nib working well on this paper.

Now I have inks which do not bleed through LT paper and the ghosting is normal for such a 80gsm paper. There is much more ghosting on TRP or in Stalogy notebooks for example.