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Internal News: 2 Etsy shops + 1 Ko-Fi shop

etsy shop + kofi shop

Today I would like to give you some internal news, kind of a self promotion I would say ๐Ÿ˜€

and a way for me to explain to you my brand(s) and shops.


StickersSwissMade is the name of my first Etsy shop where I sell my stickers for any planner which is out there.

My website, where you know read this blogpost, is running under the same name.

I have a Facebook page and an Instagram account under the same name, even my Pinterest account is running under this name.

In my Etsy shop you can find all kinds of small and functional stickers for your planners or bullet journals. Nothing fancy, no "cover-up-stickers" where you do not see the page beneath anymore, but small ones, which fit into every monthly or daily box.

Icons for sports or food, bullet journal helpers and some flower decorations.

If you need any stickers in a different size or searching for a special icon, please do not hesitate to contact me on Etsy.


PlannerprintsByAndy is the name of my second shop on Etsy.

With the same name I have created an Instagram account.

I have opened up this second shop on Etsy because I started to create printable planner pages. These are not physical items like my stickers which I send out by mail but PDFs which can be downloaded at time of ordering and which can be printed at home for instant use.

In order to not have a mix up of physical and digital items in one shop I have separated these items into two shops.