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Internal News: 2 Etsy shops + 1 Ko-Fi shop

etsy shop + kofi shop

Today I would like to give you some internal news, kind of a self promotion I would say 😀

and a way for me to explain to you my brand(s) and shops.

StickersSwissMade is the name of my first Etsy shop where I sell my stickers for any planner which is out there.

My website, where you know read this blogpost, is running under the same name.

I have a Facebook page and an Instagram account under the same name, even my Pinterest account is running under this name.

In my Etsy shop you can find all kinds of small and functional stickers for your planners or bullet journals. Nothing fancy, no "cover-up-stickers" where you do not see the page beneath anymore, but small ones, which fit into every monthly or daily box.

Icons for sports or food, bullet journal helpers and some flower decorations.

If you need any stickers in a different size or searching for a special icon, please do not hesitate to contact me on Etsy.

PlannerprintsByAndy is the name of my second shop on Etsy.

With the same name I have created an Instagram account.

I have opened up this second shop on Etsy because I started to create printable planner pages. These are not physical items like my stickers which I send out by mail but PDFs which can be downloaded at time of ordering and which can be printed at home for instant use.

In order to not have a mix up of physical and digital items in one shop I have separated these items into two shops.

But I do not have a second website under this name, everything related to PlannerPrintsByAndy will be published on my website under the name of StickersSwissMade.

Both my shop name are stated at the top of my website.

In my second Etsy shop I sell all kinds of printable planner pages. I offer several sizes, like A6, B6, Personal, Personal Wide or A5 or others. But this is a "project in work", so not everything is already available in every size.

If you see a planner page in a certain size but cannot find it in the size you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact me on Etsy, I can always resize the pages.

and here we are with the next shop: PlannerPrintsByAndy on Ko-Fi

Have you already heard of Ko-Fi? This is a website where you can follow creators. Ko-Fi creators can set up their own shop or have the possibility to set up membership options. Or collect money to fund a project. Or accept donations. Really a lot you can do on this website.

Patreon is a similar website.

What I like about Ko-Fi: I can list items free of charge, people can decide to buy these items free of charge or buy it for whatever they think they want to pay for it, even if it is just 1 Dollar.

On Etsy everything has to have a price, I cannot list free items. I have searched for an option to give out freebies of printable planner pages and found Ko-Fi.

I can now list freebies, you can download everything for free or pay whatever you like.

You can even download it for free and come back later and leave a tip because you liked my planner pages and thought to reward my work. Even if it is again just a Dollar or two.

The only thing you need would be an account on Ko-Fi.

These printable planner freebies are a good starting point if you are new to printable planners and just want to try out to see if you like it or you are not sure if you need a whole year of pages, for example, or just a teaser to see if it matches your expectations.

And if you then decide to get the "whole thing" - they are available in my Etsy shop 🙂

So follow me on Ko-Fi and find out about the freebies in the future.

You can find all the links in my social links as well:



Thank you to all, stay healthy and (planner) peace to everyone!


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