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"planner peace?" - can this be achieved with a Hobonichi Techo A6 planner?

"Planner peace" - have you heard about that one?

I don`t think that there is an official explanation of this state of mind, I would explain it as : the moment in time when you have found the perfect working paper management system!

Planner peace is rarely achieved

Well, I`m speaking for myself but this might be true for a lot of you: planner peace is really rarely achieved, can last days or even months but can turn into a searching frenzy easily again. You have found a paper planner, you like the paper, you like the layout, you have transfered all your data into this new planner, you are using it, you are happy with it! That`s the ideal situation!

But ... with time (sometimes after weeks, sometimes after months) you might think, ah well, but I do not need this box top left, I would rather have it top right...ah, but this paper is too bright (or too yellow)...but this planner is much too bulky to carry fountain pens do not really work on this paper...I need more room to write my dailies...I have too much room and don`t know how to fill it...bullet journaling is too random and unstructured for me and I`m missing fixed boxes...I don`t have time to draw a layout every week...

Well, this could go on forever and I bet you can add to this list out of your own personal experience!

But let me tell you, this searching for a new planner is quite normal! Sometimes your surroundings have changed, a child was born, you started a new job, you are now retired and suddenly the planner that you have used for so long, does not work for you anymore.

So don`t feel guilty, everyone has been at that point, the only thing to do is go ahead and search for the system that will work for you!

My search for the perfect planner:

I have been at that point a lot and I have used a lot of planners in my life. Started with a Filofax, went to Erin Condren, to the livewell planner from Inkwellpress, to various ones from Franklin Covey, to bullet journals in various notebooks, my last one was a planner from Baron Fig.

But something wasn`t right with all of them:

  • too small (Filofax personal size)

  • too big (Erin Condren)

  • too bulky (Inkwellpress)

  • too colorful (Erin Condren)

  • paper not good enough for my fountain pens with ink (Franklin Covey + Filofax)

  • too much space

  • too little space

  • not organized enough (bullet journal)

  • over-organized with pages I did not use (Inkwellpress)

So I sat down and made a list about my perfect planner with all the important points:

  • small enough to carry around