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paper + pen test 02/22 - Midori MD notebook A5

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in my blogpost 03/2022 of 08Jan22 I was making a paper+pen test with the paper of the Filofax notebooks.

I have used the Filofax notebook paper in the months of Oct to Dec21.

As I have so much paper at home, either loose sheets or bound books I had decided to use a different paper each month for my journaling in my William Hannah discbound cover.

January: Midori MD Notebook paper

and here we are with my January test of the Midori MD Notebook paper.

You might be wondering why you can already read about this test when January is not over yet, well, one reason: I have stopped using this paper after just one sheet.

Why? Read on 😊

First of all a short description of this notebook:

Midori is a japanese stationery brand which started with the production of stationery and envelopes in 1950.

For me japanese stationery and paper is on of the best in the world. I guess you have already heard of the famous Tomoe River Paper, which is well loved by fountain pen enthusiasts around the world.

Japanese stationery can sometimes be really colorful, have you ever seen a japanese website? Colorful, busy, I always call them "loud" as so much is blinking and showing up.

But with these notebooks of the MD Paper line Midori created a really lovely minimalistic style, beautifully crafted notebooks, with a thin cardboard cover, no frills at all, just plain paper.

These notebooks are available in A5, A5, B6 slim and A6.

The cover does not overhang the paper, like a Leuchtturm cover for example, but the edges are flush with each other.

They are available with grid, lines or blank layout.

For my daily journaling I have used the following notebook:

MD Paper Notebook A5, grid layout