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paper + pen test 01/22 - Filofax Notebook paper

paper+pen test - Filofax Notebook paper

First I want to give you a small explanation why I ended up doing a paper + pen test on Filofax notebook paper!

Last year in October 2021 I was at a point where I realized that my "dream set up" of "all-in-one" did not work out.

I always wanted to have everything in one planner, like appointments, tasks, lists, notes, journaling and whatever. I did try out a lot of sizes, being this A6, or B6, or B6 wide, or HBxWA5, or A5, rings or discs or bound books ... but at one point I realized that any planner will just be huge and thick and not portable at all!

But I needed something for my bag to take with me and this could not be a huge and thick A5 ringbound cover, that would be way too heavy and large.

Then I started to think what would I need to take with me? Something slim, with an overview of monthly appointments and note pages. The idea of the Muji planner was born, together with a slim Jibun Techo notebook at the back for any notes.

Slim and light weighted to take with me, and it fits well into my bag.

journaling and lists+trackers

This left me with my daily journaling and my lists and trackers.

I thought how I can put all that in one cover, thought about the size and how I can write in small or big sizes.

I thought about archiving or having yearly trackers of the previous years at the back of such a planner.

I thought about bound book, ringbound or discs ... in which size?

I thought about paper and paper layout, dot grid, or grid, or lined?

The first decision was easily made: it cannot be a bound book, it must be either ringbound or discbound as I cannot keep yearly trackers of the previous years together if I use a bound notebook.

The second decision about the size was quickly made after that: best would be in A5.

In this size the yearly trackers will fit easily on one page without being squished together. And it is much more comfortable to write on such a size because your hand will rest on the page and not hang in the air like on A6 sized paper. Especially when any cover will get stuffed and you do not want to take out a sheet everytime you want to write something down.

And I do not need to take such a cover with me, this stays on my desk at home, so it does not need to be a small size like A6 or B6 to be portable.

The third decision did not take long: ringbound or discs? Much more ring covers available in A5! Such nice ones, not only from Filofax but enough on Etsy or lovely leather ones from Gillio or van der Spek.