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deringed and dezippered my Malden Filofax

Filofax Malden deringed and dezippered

oops, I did something where some people will say "how dare you" and others might say "how couragous to do".

Well, I deringed and dezippered my Filofax Malden Personal size!

Why did I do that?

and now you might ask, why did you do that? Such a lovely cover from Filofax?

Well, long story in short:

I ordered two Filofax Malden in blue in A5 and Personal size. Both arrived damaged.

The A5 with really hard glue on the button and the strap, removing the glue would mean to scratch the button a lot, which does not look very nice in the end.

The glue on the snap closure might be removed but I`m afraid to damage the leather.

And the Personal size arrived with rings which were attached askew.

The rings were attached slightly off the middle, either the cover did not align anymore or the paper sheets would hang at an odd angle. In addition the top ring was crooked as well, every sheet would snag at that ring while turning.

I contacted Filofax and showed them pictures of both covers, and I was very surprised but they have sent out two new covers. This is very generous of them! In addition I`m allowed to keep the two old covers, I do not have to send them back.

And now I have altogether 4 covers!

I`m not quite sure yet what to do with the A5.

The old Personal one is not really usable with the rings, I thought of selling the cover but I`m not sure if somebody else would really have fun with it.

And then I remembered from a Stalogy group on Facebook that they have deringed a Malden cover to use it with their B6 Stalogy notebook. And I have a B6 Muji as my task planner ...

I was really sitting in front of my Malden and thought, how would you do something like that?

But, Youtube gave me the right answer!

I have found a video on Youtube where everyt