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planner stack of Jan 2022

planner stack of Jan 2022

first of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!

I wish you a very Happy New Year of 2022, may your wishes and dreams come true and may you all stay healthy!!

update of my planner stack

and here we are with my first update in this year of my planner stack.

The "insides" have not changed but the "outsides" :-)

When a system is running well why should I change it? But to still have a bit of change of look+feel I love to change out my covers. A new cover feels like a new planner, doesn`t it?

planner stack of Jan 2022

here is the set up (from bottom to top):

Kecheli ring cover in A5

another one of these lovely felt covers from Kecheli Notebooks on Etsy.

She has so many lovely ringbound covers, in some many colors, all in felt and leather highlights.

Kecheli ringbound covers in A5

I changed from dark blue to light grey with highlights in lighter blue.

This A5 ring cover still houses all my lists and trackers, all the current ones of 2022 and the archived ones, reaching back to 2018.

These covers have 30mm rings, plently of room for a lot of lists and trackers.

William Hannah A5 leather discbound cover

I`m always coming back to these lovely covers from William Hannah.

Made in UK, with sturdy leather, but still soft, with lovely colors for either the outside or inside leathers. The inside leathers are suede leathers, in really vibrant colors.

You can either get premade ones or can create a bespoke one, with a color combination of your liking.

Mine is a lovely shade of blue on the inside (called Royal Blue), and black outside with corresponding stitching.

I use this cover for my daily journaling.

I will test out various paper in this notebook, I have started with the Filofax notebook paper in Oct21, and now switched to Midori paper in Jan22. But this is all for another blogpost.

blue Filofax Malden ringbound cover in personal size

this was actually not supposed to happen, but now it did :-)

I have ordered two Malden covers in blue (I just love blue covers, as you might have noticed), and these two Malden covers were available on Filofax in UK.

I ordered one in Personal size and one in A5 size.

Both arrived damaged. The ringsystem in the Personal size was attached askew, not in the middle, but slightly off. Therefore the cover did not align when closed. When you aligned the ring system correctly, the rings plus the paper were hanging at a wrong angle, but then the cover aligned. In addition the top ring was not closing correctly, the sheets snagged on it while turning.

The A5 has glue on the button of the snap closure, in addition some glue on the snap itself and the stitching was crooked.

As you can tell I was not really happy with these two. I contacted Filofax with pictures and, to my delight, they are now sending out two new covers and I can even keep the old ones. Let`s cross our fingers that the new ones are all fine.

This is mighty generous from Filofax and I was not expecting this.

This leaves me with two covers, the A5 might get sold, the cover itself is in good shape just these glue drops; on the button it is very hard stuff which cannot be scratched off without leaving marks. But I will see about that one...

But the Personal sized one was not usable due to the askew ring system.

I thought, ok, throw it away, but I hate to throw something away which is actually brand new and kind of usable.

And then I remembed all these posts about "deringing a Malden" and I thought, oh yes, that`s an idea!

My Muji planner is B6 size and when you dering a Malden and use it as a cover for a normal notebook/planner, B6 size will fit into this Personal sized cover.

Filofax Malden Personal size deringed

and here you can see the result: a lovely Personal sized Filofax Malden cover in blue --- without rings! Just some small holes are left in the middle and these can be easily ignored.

The story of the deringing will be added in a later blog post.

This Malden cover now holds my Muji planner, no change of the inside set up, still for my monthly appointments and my tasks (you can read about the set up here).

blue Pedori Vienna A6 ringbound cover

and nothing changed for my weather tracking, still in my A6 blue Pedori Vienna ringbound cover.

I was so proud to finish 2021, one entry per day, with small details about the weather and temperature of each day. I`m looking forward to add 2022 :-)

Stay tuned for new posts in the near future :-)

Thank you to all, stay healthy and (planner) peace to everyone!


P.S. I have bought all my planners myself, I paid for them, I state my own personal opinions about them. When you click a link which I have added for you to see the original planners I do not get paid for it.

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