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planner stack of Jan 2022

planner stack of Jan 2022

first of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!

I wish you a very Happy New Year of 2022, may your wishes and dreams come true and may you all stay healthy!!

update of my planner stack

and here we are with my first update in this year of my planner stack.

The "insides" have not changed but the "outsides" :-)

When a system is running well why should I change it? But to still have a bit of change of look+feel I love to change out my covers. A new cover feels like a new planner, doesn`t it?

planner stack of Jan 2022

here is the set up (from bottom to top):

Kecheli ring cover in A5

another one of these lovely felt covers from Kecheli Notebooks on Etsy.

She has so many lovely ringbound covers, in some many colors, all in felt and leather highlights.

Kecheli ringbound covers in A5