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paper + pen test 03/22 - William Hannah paper

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

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As promised in my last blog post about a test with Midori MD Paper, here is now my test with the lovely paper of William Hannah.

William Hannah Discbound Covers

William Hannah Limited, which was founded by David Round in about 2015, is a small family business from the UK which creates lovely leather bound covers which include discs within the cover.

David has started his small company at his kitchen table in 2015, because he wanted to have a special cover with removable and repositionable pages. I don`t know how long it took from the first protoype to really manufacturing these covers but I admire David for the route he took: no outsourcing to China, this might have been cheaper at the beginning, but staying within his own country, working with local businesses to create such lovely covers.

What I like the most with these covers: the discs are within the cover, the leather surrounds the stainless steel discs! So no more noise when you put down the cover, the discs cannot make a click-clack noise on the table because they are covered!

In the beginning only A5 covers were available, but now the same superb covers are available in A6 as well.

In addition he created small covers for thin pocket sized notebooks. And now offers pen bands, card wallets, archive sets and dividers in a thick card stock.

William Hannah Notebook, Monteverde fountain pen

The outside of these covers is smooth leather, the inside suede. Available in so many colour options, which you can buy as ready-to-buy options, or, if you like a very special combination, you can create your own bespoke model. Select the outside, the inside, the stitching color and if you like to have a pen loop or not.

The colours are very vibrant, blues and reds and pink/purple ones and others.

The leather is very lovely to touch, not too sloppy, not too sturdy, it just gets nicer with use.

The discs are fixed within the cover and cannot be taken out. They move along a thin rod or stick (don`t know the exact word for it), again made in stainless steel, and stay in place because of the mushroom holes of any pages.

These stainless steel discs are the best for smooth turning of any pages.

The best explanation all the features can be found on his webpage!