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planner stack of Feb 2022

blogpost 06/22 planner stack 02/22

another new month has started and here we are with the planner stack for February 2022

you can see the pictures of my planner stack of January in this blog post.

planner stack of Feb22

going from bottom to top:

- Filofax Original A5, Centennial Collection, ring cover, Sky Blue

- William Hannah A5, discbound cover, black + royal blue

- Planners Anonymous B6, Northern Light Collection,ring cover

- Pedori A6, ring cover, navy blue

my monthly change of the A5 cover took me from a Kecheli ring cover to this lovely Filofax Centennial Collection cover with 30mm gold rings (my lists and trackers):

filofax original a5 centennial collection skyblue

the same as in the month of January: my A5 William Hannah discbound cover for my daily journaling

William Hannah A5 discbound cover

a change from Filofax Personal deringed + Muji planner to B6+ rings in a cover from Planner Anonymous (for monthly overviews and daily tasks):

planner anons cover b6 northern lights

I guess you are asking yourself, why did she change from a Muji planner to this ringbound planner?

While using the Muji planner, which is a bound book, I have realized that I do not like to use bound books. You cannot change out pages, or add pages; when you need more notepages you would need to add a second book at the back of the cover or a separate book altogether. I wanted to add future logs and thought about tipping-in any pages, but this only adds thickness.

I have added a second notebook at the back of my deringed Filofax Personal cover, but this book does not really stay open, does not open flat, writing gets akward as you have a bump of the thicker book beneath it. I had to write something in it while holding it on my lap and only had one hand free to write but not to hold the cover/book... not good ... book was closing all the time, I had to hold it open with my elbow, and in the end I gave up, tried to remember everything and added it later while sitting at my desk again.

And, the most important thing, when you write in a bound book and you are getting down to the bottom of a page: your hand kind of hangs in the air, and writing gets akward. Sure, you can always put something beneath your hand, another book or your cell phone or whatever, but this doesn`t make sense to me.

And especially with thicker books the "hanging in the air" occurs more often.

With ring bound or disc covers it is so easy to remove the page, push it to the top so that your hand is again resting in the middle of the page (and the pages beneath it) and writing is so much easier again.

And when you cut slits at the holes you can easily remove the pages in a ring cover, just like sheets in a disc cover. You do not need to open up/close the rings all the time.

Therefore: I changed to this lovely cover in B6+ size from Planner Anons, which, by the way, can be used in a TN style as well. The ring system can be removed, strings are already added.

But TN style is another "no-go" for me, too much taking out the notebook, putting it back, not staying open...

I just love a good ring bound cover which stays open and flat, where you can write easily and no bumps or closing pages!

and as before: my Pedori Vienna A6 ring cover for my weather tracking

This will be my set-up for February 2022, let`s see for how long this will stay like this 😉 my goal is at least for the month of February but my set-ups change very often 😊

Thank you to all, stay healthy and (planner) peace to everyone!

Andrea ✒

P.S. I have bought all my planners myself, I paid for them, I state my own personal opinions about them. When you click a link which I have added for you to see the original planners I do not get paid for it.

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