paper + pen test nbr 1 - Inkwell Press hardcover notebooks

first test: Inkwell Press hardcover notebooks

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I like fountain pens... what do I say, I LOVE them! I have various ones, with different nib sizes, all inked with different inks in various colors.

My favorites right now are the TWSBI fountain pens, the Eco clear version. These are demonstrator pens where you can see the ink in the body of the pen. So you see at one glance which pen is inked with which color :-)

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Pens and inks on the one hand, but can they be used with every paper? Very often the ink bleeds through or is feathering, so the end result does not look the best.

The same with other writing instruments, like ballpoint pens or fineliners, they often work better on any paper, but these can bleed through as well.

First I did some random tests on some paper and notebooks, and very often did not like what I saw and sometimes there were big surprises when the ink and paper worked better together than previously thought. Then I thought to do this a little bit more organized!

So I would like to share my findings with you, I will do a sequence of posts to show you the different behaviours of writing instruments on paper. This cannot be a complete list of everything, but maybe it helps you to decide which notebook you would like to use for your bullet journal. Sometimes a little bit of information triggers the "yes" or "no" decision to use a special notebook or to not use it.

I have used the same fountain pens/inks and other pens for my tests, just the paper is always another one. I have added the information about the pens and inks at the bottom of this post. The pictures show you the front side of a page and the back side so that you can see the ghosting/bleeding of each line.

Today let`s start with the following paper:

Inkwell Press Hard cover journals

front page/back page with fountain pens:

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